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Trombik Engineers Ltd. is an independent engineering office, located in Zurich, Switzerland, proudly representing over 60 years of successful firm history. Read more...

The record of achievement includes nearly all fields in civil and structural engineering. Thanks to the emphasis on structural dynamics, especially machine foundations, promoted since the formation of the company in the year 1959, Trombik Engineers Ltd. reached international recognition.

In keeping with world’s recent industrial developments, Trombik Engineers Ltd. is able to offer the full range of services with regards to static and dynamic analysis, layout and design of concrete, steel and associated structures. In addition, we offer specialised services in the field of noise and vibration control, structural acoustics and structural physics.

Since 1998, all our services and processes are in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 (SQS-Certificate, IQNet-Certificate).


Awards and Prizes

Peter G. Trombik, Grad. Eng. ETH receives the Structural Dynamics Innovation Award 2011 of the Foundation for Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Read more...