Machine Foundations

Trombik Engineers Ltd. are proud to offer the whole spectrum of engineering services for machine foundations / elastic supports: consulting, planning, static and dynamic analysis, project and execution drawings, detailed construction manuals, construction supervision and measurements; these apply not only to new constructions but also to extensions, reconstructions, and corrective maintenance, and they are offered in the corresponding country-specific requirements / provisions (language, codes).


Machine Foundations, Elastic Supports
Because of the rotating, oscillating and impacting parts, most kinds of machines have to be installed on foundations. They transmit the dynamic forces down to the subsoil or the adjacent structural members, stiffen the machine arrangement and act as stabilizing mass. Vibration isolation measures can be introduced by supporting the foundation with a system of springs (spring mounted foundation). Advanced, computer-assisted calculation-models allow us to analyse the system and to predict the future behaviour.



Dimensioning, Design Criteria
The requirements of the foundation can be outlined to ensure a smooth operating under normal condition and to retain its structural integrity under various accidental conditions. Dynamic considerations are an absolute must: analysis of natural vibration (must be situated out of the operating speed), of vibration due to unbalance and of transient vibration (i.e. short circuit). Further governing aspects: the rigidity must maintain the shaft alignment, the vibration isolation must be provided in both ways (source and recipient) and the foundation must resist seismic loadings.


Restructuring, Upgrading
A restoration or modernisation of a machine, mainly to extend its life time or to increase output, affects its foundation as well. To achieve an optimal solution, Trombik Engineers Ltd. investigates with the client how to minimise the structural changes regarding time of construction and costs based on coupling our long- term experience, advanced calculations and current knowledge. The best results have been obtained by using / changing to a spring mounted foundation. Trombik Engineers Ltd. provides all the engineering services from one source.


Vibration Isolation
Besides the conventional execution, machine foundations are also often supported by a system of springs to achieve vibration isolation (spring mounted foundation). Trombik Engineers Ltd. as a specialist follows carefully the latest developments in this area. Two different categories have to be separated: source isolation of machines and installations (e.g. elastic support of turbines, condensers, feed pumps, sledge hammer and presses) and receiver isolation as protection for delicate machines and installations, against all kind of vibrations including earthquakes.